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    CAN/CSA A770 Home Inspections

    2020 BUILD and Three Best Rated award winning home inspections.more..

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    ASTM E2018 Commercial Property Condition Assessments

    Commercial building inspection services tailored to suit the needs of small businesses. more..

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    Custom Home and Renovation Design

    Precision drawings and specifications for beautifully designed homes to ensure projects are well understood, code compliant, and durable.more..

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    Commercial Permit and Application Design

    Office, industrial, and warehouse design for new construction and renovation projects.more..


In the business of changing peoples lives for the better.

Home Inspection

2020 BUILD and Three Best Rated award-winning home inspections exceeding the CAN/CSA-A770-16 national inspection standards. You deserve to have a property thoroughly inspected and receive the expert opinion of a Professional Technologist and Registered Home Inspector. Your inspector is committed to your best interests and will produce a detailed report, give a personal review, and provide much needed support as you negotiate through the home buying and ownership process.

New Home Design

New home construction is a complex process, and custom home designs are no exception. Quality home builders will insist on accurate and detailed drawings, to describe the full scope of the project, and new home owners expect to receive a beautifully designed home that matches their requirements. Precise and detailed drawings ensure all the specifications are understood, comply with national building codes, and do not sacrifice performance and durability.

Commercial PCA

For commercial properties from $1M to $10M, and smaller buildings where additional financial consideration is required, inspections may be performed following ASTM E2018, Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessments. Small business owners may reduce costs by choosing a modified home inspection, and adopt opinions on probable costs, compliance with codes and regulations, and document reviews and interviews from the CPCA standard.


Companies face a number of challenges adapting spaces for their operations. From initial budget and building feasibility considerations, to code assessment and design, support is available to reduce risk and simplify the construction process. Every project and every company is different, which is why commercial design and consulting services are available à la carte to best match your requirements and budget. A friendly voice is always there to answer your questions.

Inspection and Design

Our work is focused on residential and commercial property inspection, custom new home and renovation design, small commercial project design, building accessibility and life-safety design, and managing the construction process. Read more about Inspection and Design...

Resources (Our Future Plans)

The Home Inspection Guide

The best home inspection reports are based on CAN/CSA-A770-16, the national home inspection standard, however deficiency based reporting does not explore subjects in-depth. This guide is intended to go further than "describe, explain, recommend" by explaining the basis of recommendations along with relevant sources. Read more...

The Home Building Remedy

Our blog on topics relevant to everyone interested in home ownership, maintenance, renovation, buying, and selling. Recommendations are specific to our Canadian climate zones and national construction codes, so you can be confident that the advice is suitable for your region. Read more...

The Building Code Guy

Let's talk building codes. The best way to understand codes is to examine specific cases and review qualified advice. Read more...

This blog examines code questions from real world case studies. If you have your own question on Canadian construction codes, this is the place to ask.

Small Project Packages

Commercial projects frequently have hundreds of pages of written specifications and drawings designed to assist owners and contractors define and understand projects. Residential construction often struggles, with far less documentation; often leading to unfair bidding, poor quality, and conflict. Project packages are the answer. Read more...


RJ Miller Building Professionals Inc. is in the business of improving people's lives by promoting good building practices, safe and affordable housing, and protecting consumers; helping people realize new standards of living, and working, while maintaining the peace and prosperity that they have already built. This is the way clients are put first, and it is what the founder and principal, Robert Miller, loves most about his work.

Individual Testimonials

I hired Robert Miller as my home inspector. I was so impressed with his quality and thorough inspection. The report he gave me, I will be able to go back over for years if I ever need to upgrade anything in the future. He took the time to explain anything and everything to me. Robert followed up multiple times with me, and still didn't hesitate to tell me to call if anymore questions needed answering, whether now or years down the road. The pictures, explanations and ratings in the report were more than i expected. I am very impressed and I highly recommend RJ Miller.
Stella Costello
Home inspection client:
Generic Portrait
Rob helped me design a fairly intricate house renovation, involving acoustic treatment, foundation underpinning, new roofline and some other complicated features. (produced full set of drawings including specs). He had extensive knowledge on a number of disciplines and was able to bring in a civil engineer to certify the design documents. Rob was open to challenges and was helpful with revisions and when we needed to pivot designs around budget/other constraints.
Jason Whelan
Custom design client:
Robert did our home inspection in April, and we were completely impressed by his thoroughness and friendliness. When we took occupancy, he returned at our request - and free of charge - to go over some areas of the house with us. His report is a user's manual for the house, highlighting areas to look at in the near and far term. Highly recommend!
Jeff van den Scott
Home inspection client:
I'm a first time home buyer and I'd recommend Rob to do anyone's home inspection. He was very thorough and when I didn't understand something, he took the time and walked me through it. The detail he put into the inspection was spectacular. Hands down Rob, you are a perfectionist at what you do. Thank you very much!!
Ashley Squires
Home inspection client:
Generic Portrait
Robert handled an inspection of a home for us while we were 2000 miles away. When you look at a home from such a distance you rely on the people 'on the ground' to provide you with professional, quality services - they are your eyes and ears. Robert did just that. His report was very thorough and professional, helping to define some key issues with the property, but also easing our minds about others. Buying any home is stressful, but buying a home from such a distance is all that tougher, and Robert has helped to make the process a lot less stressful for us! We highly recommend him!
Josef Stephens
Home inspection client:
Unparalleled service from this man on my home inspection last week. Thorough and detailed with excellent explanations. He did not mind me tagging along and his explanations were very helpful. Great guy and a pleasure to work with.
Eric Akse
Home inspection client:

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