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Welcome to our blog on topics of relevant to everyone interested in home ownership, maintenance, renovation, buying, and selling. RJ Miller Building Professionals Inc. provides home inspections, commercial property condition assessments, building code assessments, custom home design, and  other inspection and design services.


This blog has been a long time coming. While there is a lot of content available on all things houses, very little is written specifically for Canada: our climate, marketplace, building materials, legal system, and even owners are distinct. Much of the information I have found shared on social media for local consumption is not accurate, relevant, or even applicable to our houses. Today I am very excited to announce that this blog, The Home Building Remedy, will focus on precisely those gaps.

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People working in real estate, mortgage, insurance, and construction industries have a special need access to good content and their professional requirements demand that this information be both interesting and reliable. Since RJ Miller Building Professionals Inc. is dedicated to promoting good building practices, safe and affordable housing, and consumer protection, there is a great opportunity here to achieve several goals at once. Please continue to follow this blog, add your own comments and questions, and look at our flexible licensing making it easier for you to share this resource.

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