Design Services Overview

Professional Design and Creative Spaces

Code compliant, functional, durable, and high efficiency design as beautiful as your dream project.

New Home and Renovation Design for Every Project

Custom designed high performance homes.

RJ Miller Building Professionals provides design services for custom homes, including extensions and renovations, as well as commercial drafting services. Our mission is to provide the best quality home designs that do not sacrifice performance and durability to achieve a desirable form.

Professional design services for new home builders to impress clients, furnish marketing materials, satisfy building authorities, and coordinate construction, with complete construction drawing sets, multiple-build licenses, plan bid sets, catalogues, look books and marketing material.

Attractive contemporary small and medium home plans, with a variety of sizes and styles to suit individual needs, from our library of near ready-to-build designs. Plans come with electronic copies in CAD or PDF formats, and printed construction sets.

Written specifications that expressly identify manufactures, products, required components, installation procedures, and quality assurances. Designed for residential projects where vague Schedule A details and will result in sourcing materials and equipment exclusively on pricing.

Fully invested in every detail, custom high performance new home designs uniquely designed for the individual tastes of every client: your style, objectives, and creativity. Each design package is complete with drawings and specifications for approval by the local authority and include additional design details to match our standards for performance, durability, and energy efficiency. Beauty should last a lifetime.

Commercial Design Services for Competitive Companies

The help you need for successful projects in a competitive marketplace.

RJ Miller Building Professionals Inc. specializes in working with SMB planning self-managed or design-build projects to achieve their desired outcomes with demanding schedules and reasonable budgets.

Application for registration and building code and fire-life safety approval of commercial plans for new buildings and existing buildings describing the project, fire separations, construction information, equipment, egress, and fire-lift safety equipment.

Code and legislation compliant design registrations for building accessibility design registration showing barrier free path of travel, dimensions floor plans, and washroom details showing size and horizontal/vertical locations of all fixtures.

Code compliant and permit ready design for transforming commercial use interior spaces for new purposes. We specialize in creating ready for permit and construction drawings and specifications for small, self-managed or design-build projects.

Surveys of existing conditions, including site dimensions, notes, and photography (2D, and 360º available), intended for design firms and studios, and other construction professionals, as part of preparing for a new project. Field notes may be transliterated and illustrated in AutoCAD format.