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Re: COVID-19

To our valued clients,

The health and safety of everyone is a top priority. During this difficult time, we are taking extensive measures to perform our services with the highest standard of cleanliness and safety. These include additional sanitation protocols, working with limited exposure to other persons, maintaining recommended social distances, and wearing protective equipment to eliminate personal contact with the subject property.

Vendors will be informed about these procedures and asked to disclose if they are required to self-isolate, or have been ordered to quarantine. In order to protect tenants, inspections of properties with occupied apartments will not be accepted at this time.

Until the Canadian and provincial health authorities change their guidance, no more than two clients may attend an inspection review, during Alert Level 2. Please rest assured that your inspection will continue to be conducted with the highest degree of care, you will receive a very detailed report, and your inspector is always available to discuss.


Robert J. Miller, PTech., RHI

Please consider joining our effort to find therapeutic opportunities for COVID-19 by donating idle computer time.


If applicable, indicate the relevant deadlines for receiving the report and purchase and sale closing. You may also include special requests related to attending the inspection report review. Due to the number of inspections, and limited availability, it may not be possible to respond to every personal request.
Enter the date that the inspection report must be received.
Enter the closing date when ownership changes hands.
If you are attending the inspection and are travelling, or working shifts, include your schedule.

Property Information

The address of the building / property to be inspected.
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If the building address look up, above, cannot find your property, please add the street, municipality, and postal code in the manual address field, below.

Contact Information

Your name, address, and contact information, as it will appear on the report and agreement. You may add additional phone numbers.
Add one or more phone numbers. Please use the (709) 555-1234 format.
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Significant Other

Optional. The name and contact information of any person, such as a family member, that will receive the report and may discuss findings.
Add one or more phone numbers. Please use the (709) 555-1234 format.

Agent Contact Information

If applicable, enter the name of the agent representing you.
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Permission to Disclose

Do you give permission to disclose the inspection findings to your real estate agent?
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