Custom New Home Design

Beauty and Performance

High quality home designs that do not sacrifice performance and durability to achieve a desirable form.

Thorough Development; Perfectly Executed Details

Your property, individual style, functional objectives, and creativity means every custom home begins with a blank slate. By thoroughly working through design development, revising goals as conceptual ideas are transformed into preliminary drawings, the finished result is not only a great design, but meets our standards for performance, durability, and energy efficiency.

Kitchen Rendering
Bungalow Section at Stair Opening

Tailored to Fit

Every client is as unique as their design, and design services should reflect that variety. Our comprehensive services include lighting and electrical plans, plumbing plans, millwork drawings, finish plans, fixture schedules, equipment schedules, and specifications. Going beyond the basic dimensions required for approval with the local building authorities, fully featured design packages improve the build process and end result; RJ Miller Building Professionals Inc. is uniquely specialized to deliver a top quality home.

More Help

Contractor selection, construction administration, site inspections, and progress billing available.

List of Residential Home Design Services

RJ Miller Building Professionals Inc. is proud to provide the highest standards in residential home design services for a variety of client requirements. The following links provide additional information on each available service, also found in the available services menu, along with a brief description.

  • Professional services for new home builders.
  • A beautiful collection of near ready-to-build house plans created to suit a variety of family sizes and budgets.
  • Written guides to define projects where expectations leave minimum building codes behind.
  • Unique high performance new home designs uniquely designed for your style, objectives, and creativity.

Standards of Practice

As an AETTNL Professional Technologist, I have demonstrated technical proficiency and I am committed to upholding the associations Code of Ethics.

As a CAHPI National Certificate Holder, I will conduct home inspections by the CAHPI Standards of Practice, will obey the CAHPI Code of Ethics, and will provide excellent customer service.

Technical Qualifications

Commercial Services

Business clients can learn more about our commercial inspection services by visiting and design services at